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Need new concrete? Ray Twp. MICHIGAN

Call us today for all your concrete needs. This picture is from a project in 2013 it is an exposed aggregate walkways. Located in Ray Twp, Mi.


Best Cement Driveway Repair near Clinton Twp, Mi

Cement driveway cracks??? Give us a call today 586-914-0516 for your free friendly estimate!!! We service the Clinton Township area!!!



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Ugly Driveway??? 2014 Spring Concrete Driveway Specials In Washington Twp, Michigan

Concrete driveways can be an important investment as this is the gateway to your home. A broken down asphalt or concrete driveway can cause many headaches when trying to use a snow blower during the winters in Michigan. Nobody wants a muddy driveway every time it rains. This mud can then be tracked into your home by you, your kids, your pets or your visitors. Reliable Custom Concrete can give you an estimate on the price of a concrete driveway. If you need concrete resurfacing or a simple concrete repair on your concrete driveway, concrete contractors will be able to help you with this project.

You may want to enhance your property in an artistic format by adding stamped or exposed aggregate concrete. This adds a bit of flair to your concrete patio, driveway, walkway, steps, garage floor or more. There are many different designs and colors to choose from and our concrete contractors will work with you to ensure the scheme you wish to have implemented gets is correctly.


Beautiful New Concrete Driveways In Washington Twp Michigan

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Thank You For Your Business Troy, Michigan!!! Call Today For 2014 Spring Concrete Patio & Driveway Specials $$$

Reliable Custom Concrete would like to thank the past, present and future customers of our business in our hometown of Troy, Michigan. We are a proud supporter of the Troy Boys & Girls Club and we are a member of the Troy Chamber of Commerce and Eastern Michigan BBB. Our company is in excellent standings with the building\code enforcement department.

Call Reliable for all your concrete needs. Big or small give us a call!!!

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Concrete driveway curing get the facts Rochester Michigan

As concrete sets, the water in the mixture enters into a chemical reaction with the cement, and new chemical substances are formed. Although the concrete “dries”, in the sense that no liquid water remains, the water is still there, as a very important part of its structure. This is different from the drying of mud, for example, in which the water simply evaporates and leaves the remaining solid material, without having changed it chemically. For this reason we talk of “curing” (or “setting”) of concrete rather than “drying”. In fact it’s very important to keep concrete wet during the early stages of curing. This is normally done by spraying it regularly for the first week or so, and keeping it covered with sacks, leaves or any other convenient materials.

The chemical process involved in curing is called “hydration” (which simply means combining with water), and keeping plenty of water on the surface ensures that the concrete doesn’t lose water by evaporation. If water is lost from the wet concrete in this way there may be insufficient to allow the hydration process to go to completion, and the result will be reduced final strength. Another, related reason for keeping it wet while curing is that there is always some contraction of the concrete volume as it cures. This can lead to small cracks forming. Contraction, and crack-formation, are minimised if plenty of surface water is present. (Because it is only the cement and water that enter into chemical reaction, mixes with high concentrations of cement tend to contract more than do weaker mixtures.)

In addition to drying by evaporation to the air, wet concrete may lose water to its surroundings – such as dry ground, when poured into trench foundations. To guard against this, the earth, and any other porous structures that will come into contact with the concrete should be thoroughly sprayed with water before the concrete is placed.

While setting, the concrete gains hardness and srength, as the process of hydration slowly permeates the entire body of material, and new chemical bonds extend their fingers throughout the structure. Curing should be allowed to progress for several days before subjecting the new concrete to significant stress. The rate of curing depends on the temperature (as the rates of all chemical reactions are dependent on temperature), and for this reason the “safe curing time” is less in hot weather than in cold, and generally less in tropical climates than in higher latitudes. In the same way that curing concrete should be prevented from drying, it should also be protected from extreme cold. If you have an option, it’s better to work with concrete in warm, humid weather than in cold, windy, dry weather.

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Driveway construction near Ray Twp Michigan

Call our driveway construction pros today for all your concrete needs. Circle driveway no problem, beautiful exposes aggregate, colored or stamped concrete driveway you got it, regular straight white concrete driveway we’ve got you covered. Call the experts at Reliable Custom Concrete today for your free concrete driveway estimate Ray Twp Michigan.

Servicing Romeo Michigan, Bruce Twp Michigan, Shelby Twp Michigan, Macomb Twp Michigan




Concrete driveway design installation contractor near Clinton Twp, Michigan

Whether its an old cracked up concrete driveway that you want to replace or a new circle concrete driveway you want to add call our concrete design experts to help you through the process. We specialize in all your driveway needs. Exposed aggregate driveways, stamped concrete driveways, colored driveways, circle driveways, straight driveways, driveway borders and reinforced driveways. Call today Clinton Township Michigan