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Sunken Concrete Driveway Get A Great Price On A New One

Troy Michigan residents, are you sick of tripping over those nasty cracked in your driveway? Call Reliable for a great price on driveway replacement or slab replacement. Sometimes on a few squares in a driveway are broken, we can replace just the failing areas too. Call for more details today.




Concrete driveway slab replacement in Troy Michigan


Harrison twp,michigan cement – driveway replacement | repairs | installation call our experienced concrete driveway experts about a new custom concrete project today over 20 years experience in all types of cement work.


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Fibermesh vs. Rebar Reinforced Concrete Fraser Michigan


Rebar is an excellent form of reinforcement, however, there are some problems that can arise from this type of reinforcement.  Most standard concrete installations are poured 4” thick, rebar is ½” thick, when putting down the rebar mat, the two pieces of rebar will occupy a 1” space in the concrete when they are overlapped, leaving slightly more than 1¼” of concrete above and below the embedded rebar.   Over time, the concrete above the rebar can become weak, and can develop cracks that run directly above the rebar.  If a metal reinforcement must be used, we highly recommend wiremesh.


This is a concrete additive that is mixed in with the cement at the ready mix plant.  If you could look at a cross section of Fibermesh fibrous concrete, you would see millions of polypropylene Fibermesh fibers uniformly distributed in all directions throughout the concrete mix.  These fibers provide top-to- bottom, side-to-side uniform reinforcement and are a cost-effective and superior alternative to rebar or wire mesh reinforcement.

As a standard practice, we pour all our projects with 4000PSI Fibermesh reinforced concrete, which we feel is the absolute best form of reinforcement available today.

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Stamped Cement Patio Installed in Metamora Michigan

Call our stamped concrete experts today for a free estimate on all you concrete needs Metamora Michigan.


Call our concrete driveway experts in warren,michigan best quality and workmanship with over 20 years experience in concrete construction free estimates.

Cement Driveway Contractor In Michigan

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Best Cement Driveway Repair near Clinton Twp, Mi

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Do you have broken pavement??? Call us today Clawson, Michigan

Old man has taken his toll on Michigan’s concrete driveways and roadways. With the extreme cold it has made areas just explode. Now we are left with ugly cracked up driveways and other areas. Trip hazards are a real issue they can cost you even more problems in the long run. Some people will look for areas like this to “trip and fall” causing injury to themselves and making you the owner pay their expenses. Be aware go and walk your property! Look for areas with raised edges, cracks through a concrete slab can brake and lift. Visually inspect all your concrete for example your driveway, walkway, patio, city sidewalks, approach, parking lots, uneven steps, catch basin cave-ins, freeze pads, shop floors, barn floors, and any other pavement that may be hazardous.

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